Our Policy

- Flower arrangement service

The style and color may be similar to some of the pictures you selected for because we make from fresh flower. Pattaya Florist shop will arrangement products as close to the image you select the most. Some the flowers and there may be some time or season.If not have available on season my shop will arrange to change and use the material type and color as closely as possible with form or style you choose order

 - Time And Deliver of flower

Same day Delivery. We will do our to the deliver your order on the same day However,if this is not possible we will the next day. Some orders must be placed at least 1-2 days before the delivery Please comfirmed your order befor delivery. If you want to specify a delivery time for flower delivery. We have available for time to Morning,Afternoon and Evening and then please confirmed time from our shop again for your choose same cast we have change for cost delivery. 

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